VISIGRAPP 2019 Doctoral Consortium (ins) AS, Prague, Pondělí, 25. Únor 2019

Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium advisory board will comment each presentation and at the end of the consortium there will be a general discussion, including a reflection about current and future research topics in the area.
The Doctoral Consortium is based on the following requirements and rules:

It is open only to Doctoral Students who have started their research;
Each student with an accepted paper at the Doctoral Consortium must register and attend VISIGRAPP: a special student fee applies;
Each paper must be presented by the student
Submissions will be judged mainly on relevance, originality, technical quality and clarity;
Paper length: up to 12 pages;
Papers must be written in MS-Word or Latex including the following information:

research problem;
outline of objectives;
state of the art;
methodology and
expected outcome;
stage of the research.

Registered papers will be included in the CD-ROM that includes the proceedings of the conference and the papers presented at the venue will also be included in the SCITEPRESS Digital Library. However, they will not be included in the book of proceedings as archival publications therefore they will remain free of copyright.

Please contact the event manager Marilyn ( ) below for:- Multiple participant discounts- Price quotations or visa invitation letters- Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc)- Event sponsorshipsNO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONSService fees included in this listing.-----------------------------------------------------------------This event is brought to you by:INSTICC - NewYorkEventsListhttp://

VISIGRAPP 2019 Doctoral Consortium (ins) AS

Tour Borgo del CASTELLO (Interni)

Tour Borgo del CASTELLO (Interni)

Sobota 23. Březen 2019
Motivation, mindset, and failures
Čtvrtek 11. Duben 2019
Practical Agile
Čtvrtek 16. Květen 2019
Křest knihy Sídliště Ďáblice
Úterý 01. Říjen 2019
Eminem v ČR
Čtvrtek 16. Květen 2019
Neděle 02. Únor 2020
Středa 03. Duben 2019
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