Holochain hackathon in Prague, Paralelní Polis, Pátek, 06. Září 2019

We're holding a Holochain Hackathon with the Holochain team just following the Rebooting the Web of Trust conference (RWoT9, )! The Hackathon will have an emphasis on the topics of decentralized identity and Self-Sovereign identity, but will still be open to all projects interested in building on Holochain.
Friday evening:Introduction, Q/A, and Project Creation with Arthur Brock, Matthew Schutte, and Eric Bear.
Saturday + Sunday:Holochain App Design and Building Sessions, Project Team Formation, Training Sessions with Arthur, Business Design Sessions, etc.
Sunday Afternoon:Public presentation of the created outputs.

Learn by doing
Facilitate sharing of know-how and catalyze collaboration within community
Support creation of reusable Holochain modules and patterns
Follow-up on the work done at the RWoT
Ignite a vital community here in the CZ

Intended outputs
We'll be encouraging the teams to produce a tangible output by the end of the hackathon.
The output can be a MVP, a presentation of a concept or design elaboration or just a distillation of learnings - but we're biased towards creating (rather than discussing) ;)
Since we want to avoid unnecessary friction and operational pain related to setting up the developer environment etc., we'll encourage teams to align and set up the development environment as well as the blank project frameworks beforehand.
We'll organize support events in advance to the hackathon.

Holochain hackathon in Prague

ISTQB CT Foundation Level

ISTQB CT Foundation Level

Pondělí 11. Listopad 2019
ISTQB CT Foundation Level

ISTQB CT Foundation Level

Pondělí 09. Prosinec 2019
System Integration Testing using SoapUI
Čtvrtek 05. Prosinec 2019
Test Automation using Selenium and Java
Čtvrtek 07. Listopad 2019
ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst
Pondělí 25. Listopad 2019
ISTQB CT Foundation Level
Středa 02. Říjen 2019
ISTQB CT Foundation Level
Středa 20. Listopad 2019
ISTQB CT Foundation Level
Pondělí 14. Říjen 2019
ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager
Pondělí 07. Říjen 2019
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