D1Conf - Decentralized Insurance Developer Conference, Prague, Pondělí, 29. Říjen 2018

D1Conf 2018 will take place in Prague on October 29, 2018 in conjunction with Ethereum DevCon 4.
Progress in decentralized insurance community has been remarkable over since the last year’s conference in Cancun. Now we’re excited to discuss how decentralized insurance is becoming real and moving from the experimental stage to real products.
D1Conf is a critical part of our mission to build a community around the idea of fair insurance for everyone, leveraging the blockchain technology. Our efforts to create the foundation for decentralized insurance have already attracted a number of innovators who wish to redefine the entire global insurance industry.
Want to join the movement?

Come to D1Conf 2018 to announce or launch your decentralized insurance product.

Have an MVP, working product or experience in application of blockchain for insurance to share? Apply to be a speaker by sending email to d1conf@etherisc.com emailing.

Want to support the community by showcasing your vision and products? Become a sponsor by sending email to d1conf@ethersic.com.

For additional information, visit d1conf.com. To see how the last year’s event went, check out these recaps.
Looking forward to seeing you in Prague.
Let's drive decentralized insurance together!
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D1Conf - Decentralized Insurance Developer Conference



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