8th International Congress on Stroke and Brain Hemorrhage, Prague, Čtvrtek, 20. Září 2018

Dear Members,
It’s our pleasure to invite all the participants from all over the world to attend the 8th International Congress on Stroke and Brain Hemorrhage Sep 20-21, 2018 Prague | Czech Republic.
Stroke & Brain Haemorrhage conference will assemble illustrious speakers, Researchers, Nobel laureates, Neurologists, and Psychiatry researchers from both academic and health care professionals will join this event to discuss their views and research. The Stroke event will be organized by world Neurologists and Neurosurgeons experts for conducting symposiums, B2B meetings, and workshops will also be conducted on the field of Neurological disorders, Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery.
Euro Stroke 2018 will be organized with the Theme: “Modern Diagnosis and Adaptive treatments for Stroke and Neurological Disorders”
Main highlights of the conference:
Stroke Causes
Neurodegenerative disorders
Neurological disorders
Cerebrovascular Disorders
Neuro Oncology
Pediatrics Stroke
Risk Assessment and Prevention of Stroke
Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery
Neuro Diagnosis & Imaging techniques
Therapeutics approaches of Neurological Disorders
Clinical Trials & Case Reports
Learning Objectives

Share and describe new developments in the field of Stroke
They can compare research guidelines and good practices with new current practices and strength or gaps
Discover new research techniques in development with practical implication used in recovery treatment or research fields
Participants can build their networks of professionals and can find valuable resources
Explain recent or upcoming changes in policy to identify provider involvement areas
Usage of various patient screening tools that used to identify usage of substance abuse and interpretation results
Enhance patient’s readiness to change in their risky behaviours by using motivational interviewing
Also will be offer referral in regards to behavioural interventions which include support groups as well as mutual groups that will assist in recovery process

Participation Benefits:
Welcome Reception
Keynote Presentation
Presentation over concurrent streams
Half day Workshop
Poster Presentation
Video/ Virtual Presentation
Exhibitor and Sponsor displays
Symposium and Networking
Best Poster Award
Young Researcher Award
Conference links:
Website link :
Registration link:
Brochure link:
Conference topics:
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For exciting discounts and queries contact the below mentioned address
With Best Wishes
Program Manager E-mail: eurostroke@psychiatryconferences.com

8th International Congress on Stroke and Brain Hemorrhage

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Tour Borgo del CASTELLO (Interni)

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