29th International Conference on Nursing Practice (AAC), Prague, Pondělí, 08. Červenec 2019

29th International Conference on Nursing Practice
About ConferenceAs Science is Dynamic and is continually evolving with new therapies on Horizon, within this field Nursing plays both as an art and as a science for caring the individuals suffering from untold pain physically and mentally. Allied Academies takes a pride to announce the 29th International Conference on Nursing Practice  on July 8-9, 2019 at Prague, Czech Republic.A Gathering of experts to upgrade the practice of Nursing in Human Well-Being, our speakers and participants avail chances to learn and share their knowledge among their global peers. Additional Benefits of participation at Nursing Practice 2019    The accepted abstract will be published in Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing which will be provided with unique DOI number.    Networking with Global Experts.    Speaker and Abstract pages created in Google under your name will attract worldwide acknowledgment to your profile and research and it will be visible to 35K researchers across the to Attend:    To Expose your research and experiences gained so far in Nursing and Healthcare to the global experts    To gain innovative ideas for your further studies    To have an exposure globally    To analyse and investigate the recent and upcoming trends in Nursing and HealthcareParticipants Categories    Nurses    Nurse Practitioners    Registered Nurses    Midwifes    Physicians & Doctors    Healthcare Scientists and Researchers    Professors & Associate Professors    Pediatricians    Surgeons    Hospital Nurse staff    Faculty of Nursing and related to any aspect of Nursing Scientific SessionsSessions on Nursing Education and Research Nursing Education and research are interdependent categories aims on preparing the best nurses to meet the updated health care needs. Nursing Education is to reinforce the development of nursing profession by educating the nurses with the forthcoming technologies from the Research field. It is a unique course of medical education which involves both theoretical and practical training for the nurses. The Nurse educators must transfer the significant body of knowledge from Nursing research to clinical practice for better quality of nursing care. The demand for nurse educators has increased to equip the Licensed Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses for Clinical Practices. Nurse practitioners, policymakers, and customers are joining the best research to demonstrate the regulated principles for clinical on Nursing Practice and InterventionsThe practice of Nursing is implemented to improve the health of the patients by providing the physiological and psychological care. The Nurse practitioners are certified as Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), they are trained to access the needs of the patients, interpret and formulate the treatment plan with the help of the Nursing Interventions. The Nursing Interventions Classification system is a comprehensive standardised research-based system comprises of the interventions performed by Nurses. An intervention is a treatment performed by nurses based on the clinical judgement to enhance the patient outcomes. The cumulative goal of Nursing and its interventions is to gain the rapid recovery of the patients from their of Nursing Interventions: Biological and Physical interventions, Psychosocial interventions, Spiritual interventionsSessions on Critical Care NursingCritical Care Nursing also termed as Intensive Care Unit Nursing concentrated more on patients who suffered from extensive injuries and deadly diseases. These nurses also specialise in different areas such as ***** Intensive Care Unit (AICU), Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Those specialisations are purely based on the type of patients and their illness. As they are taking care of patients directly before and after the major Surgery, they should have more training in depth and skills to decide the clinical aspects of the patients on Palliative Care NursingA part of Supportive care, which prevents and provide relief from sufferings of the patients and their families who is diagnosed with the chronic and life limiting symptoms is termed to be Palliative Care Nursing. The practice of Palliative care nurses is Assessment of Symptoms, End of life Care, Dealing with Distress, Physical, Psychosocial and Spiritual Pain etc. Their focus is to provide the quality of life for both the patients and their fami on Pediatric NursingPediatric Nursing is specialised to care for the children from their infants to teen ages. A part of Pediatric nursing is neonatal nursing, where they specially care for the new born babies diagnosed with illness, these nurses will provide the treatment according to the care plan. They will be trained in Pediatrics and collaborate closely with Healthcare provider who is dedicated to Children’s Health. Apart from caring the children, they will spend time in educating Parents to protect their own children’s health. Main goal is prevention and Health on Perioperative NursingWorking closely with Anaesthesiologists, Surgeons and Surgical technologists during the invasive procedures of a patient is referred as Perioperative Nursing. Several roles of the Perioperative nurses are to manage nursing care of patient during surgery as a Circulating Nurse and as a Scrub Nurse who works with doctors in Sterile Field, Peri anaesthesia Nurses who cares the patient followed their recovery from on Gerontological NursingReferred as Geriatric Nursing rolls around the health care of elderly people, their fragile health increases the demand of Gerontological Nurses. These nurses are trained to perform nursing duties and to understand and help the elders for their betterment as the life expectations of the people is increasing. These nurses should be cheerful to give an enough support to the aging patients. They play a major role in Physiological Health, Optimizing functional health, Responsive care, Relationship care, Health system, Safety and security of the on Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing    Assessing the needs of Mental Health    Nursing Care plans    Support patients in improving their coping ability    Monitoring the treatment output    Counselling and Crisis interventionEncountering patients with Acute and Chronic mental health illness like psycho-sexual disorders, personality disorders, psychoneurosis and psychosomatic disorders. They Cares for the patients requiring both short term and long-term care. Their major role is to monitor the patients progress and behaviour to ensure the treatment and interventions is effective. Some of the psychiatric disorders are Anxiety, Hysteria, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar disorders.The basic roles of Mental Health and Psychiatric nurses are as followsSessions on Oncology NursingPeople of all ages diagnosed with various types of Cancers are taken care by Oncology Nurses. These nurses must be a Registered Nurses, who should gain Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN). This certification will be obtained by clearing the NCLEX-RN Exam (National Council Licensure Examination). Also, they should ascertain the level of understanding each patient to educate them about their disease and the treatment given. Major roles are lies in Assessing the patients, administration of proper dosage of drugs, safe handling, cytotoxic spills and maintenance of allergic on Rehabilitation NursingAssisting individuals with a disability to function in daily life is the main goal of Rehabilitation Nurses. They work closely with the patients suffering from Stroke, Joint replacement etc to bring their body’s function to former state or helping them to adapt a new state of functioning. They must posses the capabilities to deal with the patients physically and mentally to recover and educate them according to their types of disabilities. These nurses can gain their CRRN (Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse) certificates by clearing the exam conducting by Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board followed by 2 years of practice as on Community Health NursingMajor role of Community Health Nurses is to control the spread of Contagious diseases or health issues throughout the community. It’s a way of combining Nursing love and Community Love. A great profession to save the entire community from Health problems. Prevention and control of these community health related issues will be done by spreading information via fliers, word about common ways to prevent. Common duties of these nurses are to prevent disease, educate community, acta as a leader, researcher, care giver and as an on Obstetrician-Gynaecologistand Women's Health NursingObstetrics and Gynaecology copes up with the same filed in different track, Obstetrics dealt with the pregnancy and child birth whereas Gynaecology dealt with Female reproductive system and their functions. These nurses particularly care about the women’s health from their birth to ***** age, they will take care of them during their maternal period by monitoring both the mother and the foetus also from the onset of puberty to menopause. These nurses are trained accordingly to care specially for the health of on Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical NursesNursing Professional cleared the nursing education program along with the clearance of National Licensure program is termed as Registered Nurses. They care for all form infants to adults. They can proceed for the specialisation like Pediatrics, geriatrics and so on. Major role and goal are to take care of health and well-being of patients by creating or suggesting the care plans along with the interventions. The major role of Licensed practical nurses is to comfort the patients and their loved on Travel NurseShort term positions of Registered Licensed Nurses across the country are termed as Travel Nurses. Their job role is to take on assignment for the short period of time and the healthcare facilities are willing to pay well to these nurses. These nurses can travel the world by enjoying their nursing job. They will be provided with housing and the treatment facilities. Mostly they work along with the agencies for the contract. They can take their time off in between the on Midwifery and HealthcareCaring of women during pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum, care of new-born is termed as midwifery. This includes the prevention of health problem during pregnancy, abnormal condition of foetus and the execution of emergency care. Main Focus of their job roles are Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum, Newborn care, Women's health, Reproductive on Infection Control NurseThese Nurses are specialised to prevent the spreading of infectious agents for the well-being of humans. Nosocomial infections, simply known as healthcare associated infections is the major threat in healthcare sector. This will be controlled by Infection control Nurses by creating strategies and healthcare plan and by educating the patients suffering form these infections and their on Clinical Nurse SpecialistLeaders in the field of nursing, as they serve as mentors, advocates and educators. They maintain strong clinical skills and advanced level of knowledge on the niche area of nursing. They must complete their educational level from RN to BSN to MSN to DNP. Once they got clearance from all the stages, they are the clinical Nurse specialist, they are given with the choice of specialty to work with.
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29th International Conference on Nursing Practice (AAC)

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